Sunday, July 30, 2006

humid day

My pathway is filling in nicely.

The Agastache is doing well. I haven't seen as many hummingbirds since last weekend. I'm wondering where they are as the flowers are doing well.

Another sunflower from my winter bird seed.

The front bed is growing well. The cardinal climber is finally going up the light pole.

I bought some coneflowers on sale for the other front bed that has some rough growing conditions. Hopefully next year they will take off. I've never tried this color before.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

More flowers

Red Geraniums are doing well in my front bed. The snapdragons don't look as good due to the heat, but these keep on blooming.

My side bed by the garage is finally looking better. The four o'clocks should be blooming soon.

Picked up this Cardinal Flower on sale the other week. Looks like it came with a dividend of blue Lobelia.

Pink Geraniums out front. Still some pansies mixed in with them. I'm surprised the Pansies are still blooming this time of summer.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

the neglected veggie garden

Yes, I actually have a veggie garden. After growing veggies for years, I admit I don't find it as interesting as growing new flowers. It often gets a bit neglected. The veggies are finally starting to ripen. I love this time in the summer.

I'm growing jalapeno peppers for the first time. I need to figure out when they are ripe to pick.

The cucumbers are doing well too. I think we will be eating a lot of cucumbers this summer.

Allergy time

The greenspace next to my house is filled with thistle plants. They are going to seed & when the wind blows it looks like it is snowing. The bad thing is I am allergic to this stuff. My eyes and throat start burning if I am out when it is blowing. It is also sticking to all my plants. Hopefully the seed will disperse and be over with soon.

Monday, July 24, 2006

one more hummingbird picture

Can't resist adding a better close up:)

lots growing in the garden

This flower just popped up out of nowhere. I never planted it and don't know where it came from.

I love the shade of this phlox. I think phlox will be my new addiction next year.

An update on the new hummingbird garden. It is filling in well.

I picked this bouquet today. They look great on my kitchen table.

I think this phlox is called Orange Temptation. I had to put one more shot of it in the blog.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

more hummingbird pictures

hummingbird pictures

Finally got some better hummingbird pictures. I have to credit my husband who snapped these. I'm seeing a lot more hummingbirds around here lately. I think the babies have fledged. To see a more close up view click on the pictures.

Friday, July 21, 2006


My zinnia seeds are starting to bloom. Next year I will plant more. I love the colors. Such an easy flower to grow.

Gartenmeister Fuschia

I had to move the Gartenmeister Fuscha's off the deck, since we are attempting to stain it this weekend. I thought they looked very impressive when lined up. This is a great plant that has been blooming all summer.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I am a rainbow

You Are a Rainbow
Breathtaking and rare You are totally enchanting and intriguing But you usually don't stick around long!
You are best known for: your beauty
Your dominant state: seducing

more wildflowers

This bachelor's button is from a wildflower seed mix I threw down in the spring. The prairie grasses have overwhelmed much of the seed, but this one managed to grow.

Some tigerlillies I planted last year in the wildspace. My husband has mowed these down two years in a row, but this batch managed to flower any way.

A daisy like wildflower that is blooming now.

This is another flower from the hummingbird wildflower seeds that managed to grow. Anyone know what is it? I would like to plant more next year.


I decided to take some pictures of the wildflowers growing in our wild space. This sunflower is a dividend from some birdseed.

These tall yellow flowers are blooming this week. I don't know what type of flower they are. They look like giant dandilions.

More of the yellow flowers.

A huge Queen Anne's Lace flower.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Hot, windy day in the garden

I purchased two phlox plants on sale a couple weeks ago. Both were supposed to be red, but one is pink and this one just started blooming and it is white. I still like it, but not quite what I was expecting.

The Russian Sage is blooming. This plant gets huge. It seems to do really well in the midwest.

This is my first year growing Silene Royal Catchfly. It is a hummingbird plant and actually will return in my zone 5 garden. Next year I may have to do a mass planting of it thou, as it seems kind small on it's own.

Tomato plants are sprouting up everywhere. A chipmunk or some other creature must have been raiding my garden last year. I don't have the heart to pull out any tomato plants, so they are growing in a couple flower beds now.

The Cardinal Flower is starting to bloom. This was a favorite with the hummingbirds last year. Hopefully it will attract some more to my garden this year.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

All around the yard

Despite the heat my Oceana Blue Salvia Patens is still doing well. I have not seen any hummingbirds using it yet. I love the blue color.

I just got this plant on sale. It is butterfly weed. It just started blooming this week.

The Batface Cuphea got off to a slow start here, but now looks great. The hummingbirds seem to enjoy it as well.

Once again a picture of more Daisies. I know they are not hummingbird plants, but they do so well for me here. These I planted last year and they have tripled in size this year.

More Batface Cuphea. I think this plant will be on my must have list for next year. Maybe I will try to overwinter this one?
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