Friday, May 02, 2008

orioles are back too!

Just like my hummingbird shots yesterday, these were taken through a window without the right lense on the camera. Not the best pictures, but good enough to capture the first orioles of the season. What a great sight to wake up to on a gloomy, foggy morning:)


Blogger Jane Marie said...

I was only able to lure in orioles one year. I think my dogs kept them away. This year we don't have any pets since Jackie's passing three weeks ago. I put out oranges but it might have been too early. I'd better give it another go.

2:27 PM  
Blogger Lar 'n El said...

Hello Neighbor,
I'm over here in Minnesota.. still waiting for Spring to take effect!

I've had my Oriole feeder out for a week, but that was before our last blizzard.. oof-dah.

Patiently waiting for warm Spring-like weather, we have seeds and sets to plant but it's been too cold.

I envy your spring flowers...


5:55 PM  

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