Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Future herb garden and a soil experiment

My future herb garden is growing well under the lights. It is my first time growing this many herbs from seed. Can't wait until it is time to plant them outside.

This year I bought Jiffy seed starter peat pellets and Burpee's coco fiber pellets. The Jiffy is the type with the mesh that surrounds the pellets that you add water too and they expand. The Burpees pellets you also add water too, but they are not covered in mesh. The Jiffy is the top tray and the Burpee the bottom.

These seeds below were both planted the same day and both are Lady in Red and Coral Nympth Salvias. As you can see the Jiffy pellets have grown a much bigger and healthier plants, while the Burpee have hardly grown at all. Both have been under the same lights. The Hyacinth Bean is the only plant that has done well in this soil.

My husband built me this great seed starter rack this year. As only a true gardener would do, I had him set it up in my living room. It may not be so beautiful there, but the plants are able to have natural light as well:)


Blogger Sue Swift said...

Yes, my husband has to suffer seed pots in the bedroom for the same reason

10:47 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

Your seedlings look like they are coming along nicely. Cant wait to see the pictures of your herb garden this summer! I bought some jiffy pellets to start my cactus seeds this week. Hope it works well.

2:07 PM  

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